Maui Strawberry (Min Order:10 Ounce)


Looks: A little hairy for my liking, Maui Strawberry’s light-wintergreen buds have relatively extensive pistil coverage. The nugs are dense and bulbous, but the calyxes are segmented, so wide chunks rip off the stem when pinched.

Smell: The strain’s scent is subdued, with mellow, savory hints of mango and sweet smells of berries and dewed grass coming together for a quiet aroma.

Flavor: Sweeter than Maui Wowie but less sweet than Strawberry Cough, Maui Strawberry has a more rounded flavor than either of its parents — but it’s still too grassy. Berry and hash flavors are generally drowned out by an earthy overtone.

Effects: This sativa’s unflappable yet active high is prime for daytime and outdoor fun, uplifting users without getting them lost in their own minds. It’s great for social use because of its tamable effects, but also eases minor pain, stress and appetite disorders.



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